Philips Data Handbook "Electron Tubes - T.V. Picture Tubes"

Printed in The Netherlands, August 1969

T.V. Picture tubes
List of symbols
General operational recommendations
T.V. picture tubes
1. Introduction
2. Spread in tube characteristics
3. Spread and variation in operating conditions
4. Limiting values
5. Heater circuit
6. Cathode to heater voltage
7. Intermediate electrodes
8. Electrode votlages
9. Luminescent screen
10. External conductive coating
11. Metal rimband
12. Flash - over
13. Handling
14. Mounting
15. Dimensions
16. Reference line
17. Corner cutting or neck shadowing
18. Raster centring
Rating systems (in accordance with I.E.C. publication 134)
Absolute maximum rating system
Design - maximum rating system
Design - centre rating system
Type designation
Screen phosphors
Reference line gauges
A28-13W, A28-14W, A31-20W, A44-120W, A47-11W, A47-14W, A47-26W, A50-120W, A56-120X, A59-11W, A59-15W, A59-16W, A59-23W, A61-120W, A63-11X, A63-120X, A65-11W, AW36-80, AW36-80Z, AW43-80, AW43-80Z, AW43-88, AW43-89, AW47-91, AW53-80, AW53-80Z, AW53-88, AW59-90, AW59-91, AW61-88, MW43-69, MW53-20, MW53-80, MW61-80

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